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2007 Sigma - Event at Universities
Sigma Education
    Sigma Capital Group – Event – Changing Our Generation

    "You want to learn from experience, but you want to
    learn from other people's experience when you can."

  • Event for students & Public”  
    specifically designed for young generation at Universities, High Schools, & Public.

    “Giving back to Society Programs” have reached many universities,
    and have successfully change the main focus on the participating universities in preparing their graduates in dealing
    with modern life. Some universities have added investment and entrepreneurship course on their syllabus &
    encourage their new graduates to become entrepreneurs rather than pursuing public service positions & becoming
    tax burden to society.

    By becoming entrepreneurs, our new generation will create more value added to our society and generate more
    wealth to the country & more importantly - to themselves.

    Before, most graduates prefer security and pursue public service position (working for government) & expect better
    life and income, but in reality this pursue has been leading to depleting country money reserve.

    With the support of new generation of lecturers and Sigma affiliates, we conduct many seminars, on the campus
    training, entrepreneurship competitions, & trading competitions to produce highly successful young generation.
Sigma Education
    Sigma & The World Bank

    Sigma Capital Group Together with one of the World Bank Senior Advisor (who have been working in over than 20
    countries for over than 30 years) gave special seminar for people in the eastern region, especially in North Sulawesi
    & 5 Manado Universities, attended by more than 1000 students & Lecturers. The senior advisor from the world bank
    also visit some universities to give motivational speech and give some advice for the regional development.

    The Training is Sponsored & Conducted by Sigma Capital Eastern Region Business Partner - Peggy Mekel SE MA
    Econ - who also a lecturer and a well known entrepreneur.

    The purpose of our seminar is to pass change "the Attitude" of young generation & their lecturer, so
    they will become entrepreneur and understand better about the importance of investment in their

    The event was very electrifying with full of curious students asking hundreds of questions about real
    investment practices, and we are very happy to be able to give our knowledge to them and to the society at large.

    We are sure that there leaders will be successful in their academic & real life, and they too, will be happy to
    pass on their success & experience to their students at universities.

    The message:
    The Attitude is the basic of all success & Everyone can be successful in life.
Sigma Education
    Sigma Capital
    Scholarship for 6 Universities student in Manado
    Unsrat, IBA, & Unima

    "If you don't make mistakes,
    you can't make decisions."

    Sigma Capital Group gave Scholarship to 6 students in the eastern region, Manado.
    The winning students are from several universities

    The scholarship is given by Sigma Capital Group Eastern Business Partner - Peggy Mekel SE MA Econ & its alumni

    The purpose of our scholarship is to help young generation to have a better chance in their future and later is
    expected to help their regional development. We also expect that they can give back something to their society

    Success is not about above average IQ - in reality, IQ has little to do with success. But Strong motivation, combined
    with a clear purpose, discipline, & hard work are the only keys to success. Success is an interesting Journey to
    everyone who try.

    If we are Rich, we can help many people, but if we are poor, we can't even help ourself. The first step to help the
    world is to not make ourself poor. By getting rich, we already help the world by not begging money from other.
    Only the Rich can do many things and can help millions of people, & we are trying to make these students have Rich
    mentality too

    Many enthusiastic students & lecturers asking questions how to become a successful entrepreneurs. The
    right motivation, hard work, & discipline are the answers. Anybody who has those quality, is guaranteed to succeed
    in anything he does. The world is very fair to everyone, if we work more, the world will always give more, and if we
    work less, we also get less. As simple as that.

    We are sure that these young generation will be successful in their academic & real life, and they too,
    seems highly motivated to give contribution to their society.

    The message:
    Learn from the early age is always the key to a successful life.
    The world is very Fair to us, it gives exactly what we ask for.

    If we work hard, we will get more, if we work less, we will get less
    It is simple, and the rule never change till this second.

    Only The Rich can help Millions of people, the poor cannot. Which side we want to be?
Newspaper Publication
Sigma Education
    Sigma & The World Bank
    Young & Rich Generation Empowerment for Stronger Economy
    Attended by 1000 Students & Lecturer from Unsrat, IBA, Unima, De la salle, STIE, UnKlab, etc
Sigma Education
    Sigma Capital Scholarship
    A. Scholarship to 6 Winning Students from several Universities
    UnSrat, IBA, Unima, etc

    B. Entrepreneurship - If you can help - you can contribute to society at large
Newspaper Publication
Sigma Education
    Sigma & The University of Padjajaran - Bandung - West Java
    Seminar - Capital Market Simulation - For College Student
    Attended by 200 Students & Lecturer from University of Padjajaran, ITB, ITENAS, etc
    One of Sigma Capital  Investor Club Leaders giving Seminar at the University of Padjajaran
    and attended by many other universities students from ITENAS, ITB, etc.

    The purpose: To give more knowledge about investment & empowerment for the young
    We teach them to be a long term investor later in life. Investment skill is necessary to be
    acquired from the young age.