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Strategy to be a Winner

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How To be Rich & Successful
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2004 Sigma - Event at Universities
Sigma Education
    Sigma Capital Group – Contribution to Society –
    Changing Our Generation

    "Someone is sitting in the shade today because
    Someone planted a tree a long time ago"

    We also try to plant a good tree for our young generation
    Sigma Capital Group, regularly conducts

  • “Giving Back to Society Programs”  
    specifically designed for young generation at Universities, High Schools, & Public.

    “Giving back to Society Programs” have reached many universities,
    and have successfully change the main focus on the participating universities in preparing their graduates in dealing
    with modern life. Some universities have added investment and entrepreneurship course on their syllabus &
    encourage their new graduates to become entrepreneurs rather than pursuing public service positions & becoming
    tax burden to society.

    By becoming entrepreneurs, our new generation will create more value added to our society and generate more
    wealth to the country & more importantly - to themselves.

    Before, most graduates prefer security and pursue public service position (working for government) & expect better
    life and income, but in reality this pursue has been leading to depleting country money reserve.

    With the support of new generation of lecturers and Sigma affiliates, we conduct many seminars, on the campus
    training, entrepreneurship competitions, & trading competitions to produce highly successful young generation.
Sigma Education
    Sigma Capital
    A. International Economy Seminar
    B. Entrepreneurship Seminar - How to be Rich & Successful

    "Wall Street makes its money on activity.
    You make money on inactivity."

    Sigma Capital Group brought out new discussion on International economy and its impact on local economy, and at
    the same day giving an entrepreneurship Seminar on How to be rich and successful which attended by the same

    The Training is conducted by Sigma Capital Group & its alumni

    The purpose of our Seminar is to bring real issues on Globalisation and how take benefit on the trend by being a
    skilled entrepreneur and a smart investor.

    The event generated a lot of question on how to tackle the impact as well as how to play in global market.
    Investment is a must knowledge for the young generation. By becoming a skilled investor, they may be able to be
    Financially independent and also can work abroad with their skill. Since money has no border, they can virtually
    invest all around the world with no limitation, the key to Global Financial Access is the investment and
    economics knowledge. Knowledge is power.

    We are sure that these young generation will be successful in their life, and they too, will be part of
    important players in the financial world, not only as a crowd who watch in the sidelines.

    The message:
    If we understand how the smart economy works when they are young, there is a great probability
    that we will outsmart the economy later in life.
Sigma Education
    Sigma - International Economy Seminar
    For University Students & Lecturers
    Attended by 18 universities Senior Lecturer & 20 Junior Lecturer at Unsrat & IBA
Kristina Virginia Besauw
Miss Indonesia 2006
On Sigma International Economy
Seminar. Student of  IBA -
Shintami Saleh
IBA Students
On Sigma International Economy
Seminar. Student of IBA -
Sony Mumbunan
Phd Candidate in Germany
On Sigma International Economy
Seminar.  UNSRAT Bachelor
Yessy S. SE
Bachelor of Art in economics
Cindy W. SE
Bachelor of Arts in economics
Model & Presenter TV
Stephany Chandra
Youngest Sigma Graduate
Age 16