Global Market Access

    Check List

  • Make sure. Asset Allocation is 90% in Bonds
    or Cash Equivalent. 10% in Speculative
    Stock. 1% in Options

  • Make sure you check "broker rating" via
    credible source before opening Real Account

  • Make sure you do "Long" & enough
    practice to handle the psychology of
    Profit & Loss

  • The brokers listed here are for samples only
    & for practise only.

  • You are free to searh other brokers

  • Gunakan virtual account diikuti bertahap
    oleh small account untuk memahami

    Warning #1

  • Be conservative and "do less trading" to
    save commission

  • Maximum Transactions per month are
    1-2 times only.

  • Use max 1 contract ONLY

  • As Facts indicate, that less transactions
    will make more profits and save
    commissions expenses.

  • Enter the market with Very Large Range
    only & stay Long Term.

  • Never Ever - do day trading and
    compulsive trading. Since you will join
    the 99% loser in less than 3 months.
  • Be a conservative investor and not a
    speculator / trader.

  • Buy only when The price is really really Low.

    Warning #2

  • Avoid Greed, & Take reasonable profits

  • If you are conservative, you will join
    the 1% winner in the long term like
    Warren Buffett

  • If you have a lot of time, you can trade
    yourself, using max 10% of your capital

  • if you are "Busy", use the Right Advisor to
    manage your money.

  • Remember - Time is Expensive & Limited
    & Only 1% of people have the Financial

  • Good Advisor will Save your time, and
    you can focus on what you do best (i.e your
    Business & Career)

  • Consult with Sigma if you need more
These brokers are Samples for Your Practise Only: Please do some research & find Your Suitable broker
  • Mini & Micro Broker (sample)
  • Margin Forex, Index & Commodity
  • You are Free to Search your own broker

  • $ 100      for Micro ( multiplier 1p = 0.01 $ )
  • $ 10.000 for Mini   ( multiplier 1p = 1.$ )
  • Stock & Options broker (sample)
  • Mostly for Stock & Options
  • You are Free to Search your own broker

  • Options is an alternative instrument
  • Use Maximum 1% of your capital Only
  • Large Discount Broker (sample)
  • US Based & Complete instruments
  • Forex - Index - Share - Options - Bonds

  • $ 10.000 to open (minimum)
  • Use Max 10% of your capital only

  •     ( standard /sample)
  •   ( standard /sample)
  • fxcm          ( mini & micro /sample)
  • or search the internet for  ( mini & micro )
  • Use Max Only 1% of your capital

  • Make sure you check the web yourself

  • They are intended for your "practice only"

  • Do not make yourself a trader or speculator

  • You should be a Conservative investor


  • Beware! Advanced Options, they are Not
    for beginner

  • Educate yourself before using Options

  • Make sure you check the web yourself

  • They are intended for your "practice only"

  • Do not make yourself a trader or speculator

  • You should be a Conservative investor

  • DownLoad Trading Software for practise

  • For Demo Practise, please use
  • Login = edemo
  • pwd   = demouser

  • Focus on ETF when they are low enough
    SPY, DIA, VTI, or
    Good Stock like - BRK.A & BRK.B

  • You should be a conservative investor

  .   Important Note & Warning on Derivative Options:

1. Alokasi Capital bagi pemula adalah 90% pada Bonds / Cash Equivalent (Fixed Income Market)
Maximum 10% pada Saham (instrument spekulatif). Dan Maximum 1% pada posisi Buy Options.
.   Options adalah instrument "
Alternatif" dan tidak disarankan bagi pemula tanpa pengetahuan

2. Options bisa digunakan sebagai "
proteksi" saham, atau bisa untuk "spekulasi" alternatif,
.   untuk jangka sangat pendek (harian, mingguan, & bulanan), maupun jangka menengah
.   dengan menggunakan LEAPS (2 tahun).
Jangka 6 - 24 bulan lebih disarankan, karena memiliki
.   probabilitas  winning yang lebih besar jika investor dalam
posisi buy, atau waktu kurang dari 3
.   bulan jika dalam posisi sell.

3. Options
posisi Buy, disarankan hanya menggunakan kurang dari 1% atau 0.5% capital untuk
.   menghindari kehilangan Time Value. Gunakan kurang dari
0.1%, jika kapital sangat besar.

4. Options
posisi Sell, disarankan menggunakan "Spread" untuk membatasi resiko.

5. Options memiliki ratusan variasi yang bisa digunakan disemua jenis pasar, tapi umumnya
waktu terbaik digunakan adalah saat market sideways dengan posisi credit spread, atau
.   untuk menghasilkan
extra income dari saham (long term position) yang dimiliki melalui,
.   covered call (selling call).

6. Options bisa menjadi
alternatif bagi pemilik kapital kecil yang ingin memulai, tapi dasar
investasi Equity (Saham) sebaiknya dikuasai terlebih dahulu.

7. Investor disarankan memiliki
Long Term View & berinvestasi pada
.   Bonds, Cash, Time Deposit (s/d 90%) atau Saham (<20%), untuk porsi umum mereka.
.   Penggunaan options bersifat "asuransi" perlindungan Saham, atau  "berspekulasi" dengan
.   kapital kecil.
Hindari penggunaan kapital besar dalam transaksi Options.

Belajar adalah langkah awal terbaik untuk menghindari kecelakaan investasi seperti 99%
.   investor awam. Pelajari dasar investasi sederhana, dan pelajari psikologi pasar sebagai
.   dasar  pengambilan resiko dan keputusan.

Selalu berlatih dalam waktu jangka panjang sebelum memulai dengan kapital kecil dan
.   ditingkatkan jumlah kapital setelah psikologis stabil dan pemahaman akan resiko lebih jelas.

konsultasi dengan "advisor investasi terpercaya anda" sebelum memulai investasi  apapun.
Disclaimer on Financial Instruments

Warning for all
“Highly leverage instruments such as Futures, Index, Foreign exchange, Commodity, Bonds, Options, or other high leverage instruments on margin carries a
high level of risk, and are not be suitable for all investors, and are not recommended for 99% of investors. The high degree of leverage can
work against you as well as for you. Before deciding to invest in these high leverage instruments you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level
of experience, and risk appetite.

The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore you should not invest money that you cannot afford to
You should be aware of all the trading risks associated with all of these instruments, and seek advice from an independent financial advisor if you
have any doubts.” No “safe” trading system has ever been devised, and no one can guarantee profits or freedom from loss.”  Your Knowledge, Patience,
Sanity, & Common Sense should be your first assets.