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Stock Zero 2008 - 2009
    US Market Stock Giants - Going to  "Zero" Journey - It is How Debts do us Apart - Breaking the Capitalism Apart


    1. It will come "Again" to Asia (also Indonesia). Lakukan perlindungan Asset yang diperlukan.

    2. Blue Chip Stock in Asia will also (many of them) go to - minus 90% or more

    3. "Again" Be Patience. Gunakan 5% capital per entry, jadi bisa melakukan averaging saat dibutuhkan.

    4. Practice makes perfect | Patience makes Profits.
    Lehman Brothers Investment Bank - until Debts brothers do them Apart
    Washington Mutual Bank - in zero-mutual relationship
    Indy Mac Bank -  Zero Big Mac
    AIG Insurance - Biggest Blunder Bail Out in History of human kind - The Blunder is only Rivaled by Citi & Bank of America
    Citigroup - City-Zero-group
    Bank of America - Largest Bank in the US & Bank of Zero
    Freddie Mac - Together with Fannie Mae, Hold 50% of US housing Mortgage - Mac-Zero
    Fannie Mae - Together with Freddie Mac, Hold 50% of US housing Mortgage - Fanny Zero
    General Motor -  General-Zero
    Ford -  Soon to be Zero
    GE -  The Bulb is No Longer Glowing - Near Zero Hour Life - Thomas Alfa Edison - The CEO turn his bulb off.
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